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Dennis Neubert
CEO & President
Siesta Coast Capital

Mr. Neubert began his banking career in 1973 in an Illinois savings & loan association. Throughout his career he held senior executive and board positions in Federal Savings Banks and National Banks, including two of the largest thrift institutions in the nation.

From 1995 to 2001 Dennis served as Chief Operating Officer of Alliance Funding Company. In that capacity he was responsible for all Mortgage Origination, Mortgage Servicing, Leasing Operations, Factoring Company Operations, Auto Lending, Consumer Lending, Commercial Lending, Credit Card Operations and Subsidiary Company Operations. Alliance operated on a national scope and was a major mortgage servicer and issuer of MBS. Alliance’s servicing portfolio totaled over 550,000 loans, which included residential, commercial, and multi-family assets.

In 2001, Dennis was asked to serve as the COO/CCO of an FDIC bank conservatorship. He served in that capacity until late2002 and then assisted the FDIC in the final liquidation of all bank divisions and assets.

Thereafter, Mr. Neubert, worked with the OCC, as an interim bank CEO to restructure the bank and sell the national bank’s mortgage & loan servicing subsidiaries.

In 2006, partnering with a large NY private equity firm, Mr. Neubert founded and thereafter served as the Chief Executive Officer of Planet Financial Group, LLC and its subsidiaries. During his tenure Planet acquired the assets of the former MLN USA, and negotiated debtor in possession status, becoming the ultimate owner of Fieldstone Mortgage Company. Planet was also one of the most active MSR market participants/traders. Mr. Neubert built Planet Financial Group, LLC into a national scope mortgage servicer, with a multi-billion-dollar servicing portfolio. Additionally, Planet operated a mortgage origination unit to retain over $100 million of monthly CPR. In 2015 Mr. Neubert founded Siesta Coast Capital, LLC. Siesta Coast Capital acquires, renovates, leases, maintains and manages a large portfolio of single-family homes, condominiums, and multi-family apartment projects/units. Siesta Coast is focused on increasing investment.