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Reinerio Faife

FUTURA is a private real estate investor, developer & manager dedicated to the acquisition and creation of uniquely marketable, design focused, financially sustainable and highly profitable luxury apartment rental communities, mix-use and resort driven life-style centers with boundless positive socio-economic investment potential, within fundamentally established high-barrier-to-entry real estate markets.

Reinerio P. Faife established the company in 2008, soon after his departure from ARCHSTONE, when the company went bankrupt soon after Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in September of 2008. FUTURA concentrates in the creation of fundamentally sound, highest and best use driven, commercial development opportunities to allow future joint-venture partnerships to capitalize on Mr. Faife’shistorical ability to visualize, underwrite and structure the decision-making process that is required to maximize the creation of a pipeline of profitable and sustainable investment opportunities.

Mr. Faife is a seasoned real estate developer with a great personal story and talent that he’s been able to develop with a rigorous long term academic training program and absolute work ethic employed over his very successful nineteen (19) years of professional experience leading the creation of architecturally and financially sustainable apartment rental communities, some with mix-use or independent retail projects, located within key New England and Florida markets. Prior to creating FUTURA, he participated and/or led the acquisition and development activities for JPI New England, Bainbridge and ARCHSTONE, leading nationally and internationally recognized private and publicly held owner-developers. He is experienced supervising the acquisition, development, design, construction and delivery of significant projects located within highly constrained real estate markets, representing multiple complex degrees of entitlement, permitting, financing and development difficulty.

This University of Florida and Harvard trained architect-developer is a talented and strategic visionary capable of foreseeing the market demand factors required to properly structure, prioritize and streamline the decision-making process required to visualize and execute the completion of sustainable; thus, highly profitable real estate deals that have led to long-term sustainability for each developed community. He has an excellent track record hiring and coordinating large and diverse professional teams required to gain the trust, support and acceptance from neighborhood communities and local officials with jurisdiction over a range of different types of development or investment proposals, and the keen ability to get projects done on time and within each project’s specific investment criteria.

His great vision, knowledge, work ethic and perseverance has allowed him the opportunity to participate in the execution of 28 communities with over 8,427 residential units developed, rehabbed, and/or converted to condominium, along with over 30,000 ACSF of retail uses, with a total real estate value of over $1 Billion.

The Company is currently working on the creation of destination life-style centers uniquely located properties with very strong value and investment potential in Southeast, Central and Northcentral Florida.