Jair Lynch

Jair Lynch
President & CEO
Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners

As President and CEO of Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners, Mr. Lynch assumes primary responsibility for rm management and project coordination, and is committed to developing a quality product and superior service. That commitment has produced distinctive urban mixed- use projects for investors and a distinguished list of public, private and non-pro t clients.

Mr. Lynch has more than twenty years of experience in public and private real estate as an investor and advisor, including projects in the Silicon Valley and Washington, DC. Since founding the rm in 1998, he has completed more than 65 projects totaling 4.3 million square feet of development in DC, with an additional 1.8 million square feet in his development pipeline. These include urban in ll residential, commercial, retail and institutional projects involving new construction, renovation, historic preservation and mixed-use development programs, and the rst LEED Gold and Silver certi ed public buildings in DC. He is a driving force for urban regeneration, working in walkable urban places to empower people, develop place and create prosperity.