Steve Bolos

Steven Bolos
Founder & Partner
UR Holdings

Steven Bolos is the Founder of UR Holdings LP, a nationwide company in the construction industry. Steven is the president of Katerra Renovations. Steven serves his clients with professionalism, integrity and innovation while providing the best construction and multifamily renovation services.

In 1984, Steven was running a one-man painting company. He spent his days painting apartment units and his nights administrating his business. Through the challenges of entrepreneurship, business ventures and an ever-changing economic landscape, the UR family of companies was born.

His vision to create a platform for continuous independent business growth for multiple companies since 2012 has resulted in the successful establishment of Katerra Renovations LLC and UR Specialty Group LLC. In 2014, the UR Hope Foundation was formed to change and impact lives in communities across the United States.