Walker Molinaire

Walker Molinare
Prime Multifamily Investors

Walker Molinare is a founding principal of PRIME Multifamily Investors and is responsible for acquisitions and invest-
ment decisions, debt and equity structuring, market focus, property design, as well as investor relations for the company.

His background includes more than 14 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry with an emphasis in the multi-family space. Walker’s professional background has allowed for him to have worked closely with some of the largest and most successful multi-family owners, and operators across the nation to assist them acquiring, developing, and dispos- ing of a diverse class of assets ranging from low and mid-rise to high-rise, mixed-use multi-family, and student properties across 37 state lines with a total value of over $1 billion.

Previously, as a Vice President and Commercial Sales Manager at Stewart Title Company, a global leader in commercial real estate title insurance and a Fortune 1000 company, Walker used his knowledge, resources, and national network in order to help grow Stewart’s local and national commercial market share. Because PRIME Multifamily is committed to investing heavily in continuing development for our people, Walker works hand-in-hand with PRIME’s Executive Leadership Team to further develop our unique emphasis on the human side of business as it relates to employee engagement, customer experience, and implementing PRIME1s overall corporate strategy. Walker has 10 years of experience in the areas of coaching, communication, and human development potential. Walker also brings a deep knowledge of brand development as in his previous role as Vice President of Commercial Sales at Fortune 100 company, he was tasked with creating the strategic sales, marketing, and advertising plans for the entire division.

Walker is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin University; he holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance & Marketing from the Nelson Rusche College of Business.