Eric Granowsky
ESG Kullen

The Founder and Managing Director of ESG Equities, Eric Granowsky has over 29 years experience in the successful re-positioning and management of real estate enterprises across a wide variety of asset classes, including multifamily housing, urban parking, retail, commercial and development. Eric possesses an equal blend of strategic, operational and analytical skills, which, combined with his boundless energy and enthusiasm for value-added properties has enabled him–even in turbulent economic times—to generate real value and real returns on real estate investments.

While building his strong real estate career and business skills in Dallas and New York City, Eric’s forte and interest began emerging in asset re-positioning, investment and management. Then in 2004, in response to the changing landscape of the NYC real estate investment market, Eric co- founded KMG Partners. Over the years, Eric and his partners–deploying close to a half-billion dollars of debt and equity capital–grew KMG’s holdings to 24 properties.

Eric launched ESG Equities in 2012 as the successor entity to KMG Partners, continuing to manage the real estate holdings of KMG, while expanding ESG’s reach and influence beyond the New York market–pursuing ownership, investment and re-positioning opportunities in urban housing. A member of the Real Estate Board of New York and the Young Men’s/Women’s Real Estate Association, Eric is an involved, trusted, reliable, results-driven business partner dedicated to the betterment of real estate and its return on investment.