Harvey Hernandez

Harvey Hernandez
Chairman & CEO
Newgard Development Group

Fueled by his innate creativity and armed with a diehard entrepreneurial spirit, Harvey Hernandez began his involvement in real estate development as a hands-on investor in the rapidly expanding Miami, Florida market. With more than two decades in South Florida, he has observed first-hand the region’s tremendous capacity for change and progress. Holding firm to excellence from the forefront of the industry, Harvey continues to revitalize the high-end residential market by developing innovative projects that deliver the best in location, cutting-edge amenities, luxury finishes and forward-thinking design.

Harvey entered the real estate industry following a successful foray scaling a technology startup that sold for approximately $40 million. The sale provided the initial capital for the $260 million dollar multifamily development firm, H&H Development Company — a pivotal catalyst to Harvey’s career. These ventures paved the way for Harvey’s subsequent endeavors, giving him the necessary momentum to launch Newgard Development Group and Niido, the Airbnb-powered multifamily development.

Niido partnered with Airbnb to create the first and only residential rental concept designed to encourage home-sharing. The partnership aims to support home-sharing via multifamily developments, tailor-made to optimize sharing and accommodate flexible living, with a suite of services and amenities from Latch, West Elm and VStarr, among others. The first “Niido Powered by Airbnb” is scheduled to open in Kissimmee, Florida in the first quarter of 2018.