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On November 14, California’s most prominent multifamily leaders unite at the sixth annual Marcus & Millichap / IPA Multifamily Forum: Northern California. With over 50 speakers, experts and thought leaders delivering content and information in a diversity of formats including panels, keynote talks, interactive workshops and closed-door roundtable discussions, this is the most valuable event of the year.

This year’s conference features special keynote fireside chats with Related California CEO, Bill Witte, and Marcus & Millichap CEO, Hessam Nadji. From market intelligence & analysis to deal flow & best practices, this year’s content is practical and hard-hitting, directly from the most active and influential owners, operators, investors, developers and financiers.

Plus, don’t miss out on one of the most anticipated discussions of the year – the effort to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. The conference takes place one week after the vote on the ballot measure. The repercussions of either outcome will be a key focus.


Reasons to Attend

  • Join the discussion on the verdict on the effort to repeal Costa-Hawkins
  • Get creative ideas on raising equity capital, financing new deals and refinancing
  • Learn where to look for high-return acquisition / investment opportunities today
  • Find out where rents are headed as well as innovations from leading edge operators
  • Set up one-on-one meetings with select multifamily operating and capital partners*
  • Share ideas and challenges in the closed-door, peer-to-peer roundtables*

* Exclusive / limited-access

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Our Speakers

Speakers at the Marcus & Millichap/IPA Multifamily Forums are typically senior executives and company leaders who own, invest, and develop large portfolios of multifamily properties, as well as a curated selection of industry leaders from organizations that impact real estate today.

Keynote Speakers

Hessam Nadji

Hessam Nadji
President & CEO
Marcus & Millichap

Bill Witte

Bill Witte
Related California

Featured Speakers


Richard Boynton
Director of Acquisitions
Fairfield Residential

Jack Dickens

Jack Dickens
Chief Operations Officer

Nathan Hong

Nathan Hong
SVP Development – Northern California
AvalonBay Communities

William Hughes

Bill Hughes
Senior Vice President
Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation

Daniel Kaplan

Daniel Kaplan
Chief Investment Officer
FPA Multifamily

Mark Kroll
Managing Director
Sares-Regis Northern California

Mark MacDonald

Mark MacDonald
DM Development

Matt Matteson

Matt Matteson
Co-President & COO
JB Matteson

Edward McGovern
Managing Director, Capital Markets
Security Properties

Tod Spieker

Tod Spieker
Spieker Companies

John Sebree

John Sebree
FVP & National Director – NMHG
Marcus & Millichap

Steve Seligman

Steve Seligman
Regional Manager – Palo Alto
Marcus & Millichap

Mike D’Onofrio
Managing Director
Engineered Tax Services

James Hannah

James Hannah
VP – Client Energy Services
Bright Power

Mike McRoberts

Mike McRoberts
Managing Director
PGIM Real Estate

Will Nelson

Will Nelson
SVP of Originations
Columbia Pacific

Paul Niewadomski

Paul Niewiadomski
Lubin Olson

Johanna Traynor

Johanna Traynor
Chief Loan Officer
Lone Oak Fund


8:00 AM – 8:45 AM

Breakfast, Networking & One-on-One Meetings

8:45 AM – 8:55 AM

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Presented by:

  • Steve Seligman, FVP & Regional Manager – Palo Alto, Marcus & Millichap

8:55 AM – 9:30 AM

Multifamily State of the Market: National vs Northern California

John Sebree will present the current state of the market, comparing and contrasting trends across Northern California with key investment markets across the country. In addition, to hard-hitting statistics, John will reveal the results of the proprietary multifamily owner survey that will show you what your peers are thinking with regard to their planned investment and divestment activity in the coming year.

Presented by:

  • John Sebree, FVP & National Director – Multifamily, Marcus & Millichap

9:35 AM – 10:20 AM

Peaks & Valleys: Viewpoints from Multifamily Leaders

It has been a good ride for a long time. Northern California has been host to one of the strongest housing markets in recent history. Demand for housing surpasses most markets and rental prices are only now showing signs of slowing down. Yet, rent control measures and the complicated political climate are just a few of the factors that make it also one of the most challenging markets to work within. While some changes have been beneficial, there could be a lot at stake should Costa-Hawkins be repealed. How are some of the most multifamily players navigating all the forces at work, and how are they planning for what’s to come?

  • Looking outside: the economic outlook and expected impact upon apartment demand
  • Hold your breath: creative strategies in a rent controlled pressure cooker
  • The big squeeze: examining opportunities to add density without disrupting
  • NIMBY: navigating political and community resistance to new developments
  • Thinking ahead: strategizing and acquisitions in advance of the next cycle

10:20 AM – 10:50 AM

Networking Break & One-on-One Meetings

10:50 AM – 11:35 AM (TRACK A)

Hide and Seek: Mastering the Equity / Debt Financing Game

While many equity investors have large sums still to deploy and although multifamily continues to present opportunities, significant uncertainty is causing many investors to hold back from deals. Further, bank financing has become increasingly tight with higher interest rates and more risk-averse underwriting. Where can one find willing investors and lenders and what types of deals are they financing?

  • Viewpoints: perspectives from active equity capital partners
  • Changing states: how terms, rates, leverage and recourse are changing
  • Choose me: which sources make sense based on deal type and size
  • Overseas: with China’s pullback, how foreign capital demand for deals is changing
  • Keeping pace: Understanding how to take advantage of PACE financing

10:50 AM – 11:35 AM (TRACK B)

Value-Add OS: Downloading the Latest Update on Apartment Upgrades

With so many barriers to new development, acquiring and upgrading existing assets is often the most sure-fire way to deploy capital, control risk and generate sufficient returns within a pre-set timeline. However, the value-add playbook has many coffee-stained pages, and not all strategies make sense for all properties. With rents softening, the ROI on some upgrades may no longer make sense for your business plan. What are the ways that savvy operators are re-tooling their properties, and where geographically are you likely to find new opportunities?

  • Undercover: the key to finding (off-market) deals in a sellers’ market
  • Bang for the buck: which amenities make sense for specific demographics / price points
  • Beyond 415 and 650: where smart pioneers are finding new opportunities
  • Curb appeal: cost-efficient design alterations with big ROI results
  • Holding period: managing investors expectations on returns and exit timing

Presented by:

  • Daniel Kaplan, Chief Investment Officer, FPA Multifamily

11:45 AM – 12:30 PM (TRACK A)

The Cost of Doing Business: Development & Construction Across Northern California

Not all entrepreneurs in Northern California are in tech. New development and construction requires equal parts vision and courage. But getting a project off the ground in this region is more like a marathon rather than a sprint, and raising acquisition and construction financing is only half the battle. From identifying sites at the right price to entitlements, from selecting the right branding, design and unit mix to addressing political and community resistance, knowing what to do requires more than a crystal ball. How are developers keeping their heads on straight with the challenges they are faced with while building projects that deliver necessary returns?

  • Who’s knockin’: Opportunities in affordable housing for market rate developers
  • Like a pro: Managing high materials and labor costs in light of new tariffs and immigration policy
  • Squeeze control: how to take advantage of incentives to gain increased density
  • All for one: working with the local politicians and community leaders to gain support
  • Into the future: how self-driving cars, drones, e-commerce, work-from-home and other trends are changing today’s designs for tomorrow’s needs

11:45 AM – 12:30 PM (TRACK B)

More with Less: Innovations & Technology Trends for Apartment Owners & Managers

With rental rates beginning to stagnate, smart operators are anticipating the change in the cycle, shifting to a more competitive stance to attract and retain tenants. While concessions increase for lease ups of new properties, existing properties are also in need of incentives to win over new tenants, as well as key features and amenities to retain tenants. Also, to keep the steady growth in returns, sharp managers are finding innovative ways to generate ancillary income and continue to drive down costs, without sacrificing tenant experience. How do you navigate these waters with so many options to choose from?

  • High-end living: what services and amenities the highest paying tenants require
  • Keeping it lean: which technologies drive efficiency without impairing tenant satisfaction
  • Automation: what can be automated and where a personal touch is best
  • Social game: best practices for managing reputation in a Google+ and Instagram world
  • Less is more: hiring and keeping the best operations managers for tomorrow’s skill set

12:30 PM – 1:20 PM

Networking Lunch & One-on-One Meetings

12:40 PM – 1:10 PM (LUNCH WORKSHOP)

New Trump Administration Updates: Federal, State and Local Energy & Specialty Tax Incentives

The presentation is designed to provide New Trump Administration Updates to Federal, State and Local Energy & Specialty Tax Incentives and provide clarity to the design, qualification and certification process to maximize results and cost savings on Purchases, Renovations, Improvements and New Construction projects. During this presentation, you will be able to understand how to capture and best utilize Cost Segregation, Energy Tax Credits (like 179D for commercial buildings and 45L tax credits for residential and multi-family projects) on a local and national scale.

Presented by:

  • Michael D’Onofrio, Managing Director, Engineered Tax Services

1:30 PM – 2:15 PM

Afternoon Fireside Keynote Chat


  • Hessam Nadji, President & Chief Executive Officer, Marcus & Millichap
  • Bill Witte, Chairman & CEO, Related California

Interviewed by:

  • John Sebree, FVP & National Director – Multifamily, Marcus & Millichap

2:15 PM

Concluding Remarks

2:15 PM – 3:15 PM

Post-Conference Reception & One-on-One Meetings

NEW for 2018

Roundtable Discussions

Space is limited, contact us to see if you qualify.

10:50 AM – 12:30 PM

Ground-Up Development: A Closed-Door Roundtable

Getting projects off the ground has never been easy in this region. This closed-door session brings together California’s active multifamily developers and builders to discuss shared challenges in apartment and condo development today, with the goal of exploring ideas and solutions to those challenges.

Participants include:

    • Ken Busch, Sares Regis Group of Northern California
    • Greg Christopher, Carmel Partners
    • Ziv Cohen, Resmark
    • Steven Eggert, Anton Development
    • Mark MacDonald, DM Development
    • Randy Miller, RAD Urban
    • Katie O’Brien, Build Inc.
    • Jason Vargas, East Bay Asian Local Development Corp

10:50 AM – 12:30 PM

Operational Excellence: A Closed-Door Roundtable

This closed-door session brings together California’s apartment managers to discuss shared challenges in multifamily management today, with the goal of exploring ideas and solutions to those challenges.

Participants include:

    • Jack Dickens, LivCor
    • Kevin Grani, WinnResidential
    • Jim Howard, Carmel Partners
    • Jackie Todesco, AvalonBay Communities
    • Heather Wallace, Sares Regis Group

*These curated sessions are comprised of select leaders who share the same challenges. Sessions are limited to a maximum of 30 participants and are completely off-the-record with no media or audience. The goal is to share challenges and solutions together to advance the industry. Chaired by an industry veteran, each session will be tasked with addressing a short list of specific challenges. Please contact Scott Milliken at for further information.

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Sponsorship & Exhibiting

Amber Collins
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Conference Chairs

Sponsors of the Marcus & Millichap / IPA Multifamily Forum: Northern California are typically industry vendors and service providers looking to secure new business from medium to large sized multifamily and/or office portfolio operators.

Marcus & Millichap

Founded in 1971, Marcus & Millichap is a leading commercial real estate brokerage firm focusing exclusively on investment sales, financing, research, and advisory services, with more than 1,700 investment professionals in offices throughout the United States and Canada. The firm has perfected a powerful property marketing system that integrates broker specialization by property type and market area; comprehensive investment research; a long-standing culture of information sharing; relationships with the largest pool of qualified investors; and state-of-the-art technology matching buyers and sellers. In 2016, the firm closed 8,995 transactions with a sales volume of approximately $42.3 billion.


Institutional Property Advisors (IPA) is a unique platform created to support the needs of institutional and sophisticated private investors. IPA is centered around a select national network of institutionally qualified brokerage professionals and supported by a robust technology platform and highly regarded research. IPA’s unique combination of real estate investment expertise, industry-leading technology, superior support services and acclaimed research will offer customized solutions for the acquisition and disposition of institutional multifamily properties and portfolios.

Our Sponsors

Sponsors of the Marcus & Millichap / IPA Multifamily Forum: Northern California are typically industry vendors and service providers looking to secure new business from medium to large sized multifamily and/or office portfolio operators.

Columbia Pacific Advisors
Commercial Coverage
Engineered Tax Services
Lubin Olson
Luther Burbank

Venue Details

Marcus & Millichap / IPA Multifamily Forum:
Northern California
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Crowne Plaza Foster City
1221 Chess Dr.
Foster City, CA 94404
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